What if There Were No More Trends? — 4 Comments

  1. Ah. Then that would mean that the human race has suddenly vanished then? Well, that’s one way to stop the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. I wonder if there’s a trend in this?

  2. No, we have not vanished, we are just not trending. Everybody is staying the same course. It’s called The New Alignment.

  3. I notice that you are getting richer and you didn’t remove your ads. hummm. Are you sure the New Alignment is a global trend, or is something at a local level?

  4. Hi, Jorge,
    Looking for a loan are we? a job?
    A man’s riches are a measure of his success. One can never have to much. It’s a rich man’s world.
    The value of my blog fluctuates wildly depending on my posts/comments.
    The New Alignment is NOT a trend.