Friday Five – I Need Some Answers — 4 Comments

  1. Because gay hairdressers are the opposite to fag-hags I suppose. I’ve often wondered if some female hairdressers are lesbians. I’ve received some truly erotic head massages but that might be just me.

    Women don’t need to cott anything. They just infect others with their bitching. Boycott by proxy maybe.

    Depends on your weapon of choice.

    Open your own facility dude! You could have a totally obscure vetting procedure and your own religion. (How’s that new religion of ours going on your side by the way? I have two followers but they’re animals. Does that matter?)

    I don’t know. Every time I try to find out I get thumped.

  2. (1) I’ve never seen a lesbian with a good haircut.

    (2) Oh yeah, boycott for sure.

    (3) No difference.

    (4) Only if you promise to behave like a grownup.

    (5) My kids are ticklish everywhere. My husband dislikes being tickled and he’s much bigger than I am, so I don’t try.

  3. 1. Lesbians are barbers. Gay guys have the same interests as many women (food, clothes, decorating)
    2. Woman are able to boycott, but dont’ because they are too busy picking up after the boys.
    3 When I fractured my elbow, it felt broken.
    4. Immature boomers are not welcome. If you call yourself an elder blogger you’re automatically in. Yes, your blog is problematic, but you automatically qualify for juvenile detention.
    5. I’m the one that’s ticklish everywhere.

  4. @K8: I always get my haircut by a young woman. I commented to the last one about her gentle touch and she said she almost didn’t gradutate from beauty school because when she gave shampoos, she didn’t massage the scalp aggressive enough. She said she learned.

    @Gretchen: Since your hair is cut like a dyke, do you go both ways?
    I bet at one time Ben loved it when you tickled him! At what point in a marriage does tickling become irritation?

    @Catch Her: Barbers? You do live in a small town. Is there still a barber? I thought everybody went to Cost-Cutters. If run by a tranny, they are Cross-Cutters?
    I bet a fractured elbow hurt like crazy!
    LOL on detention!