How I Blew My Google Income In Three Purchases — 8 Comments

  1. $114.00! I’ve heard about these ‘internet tycoons’ but I never dreamed they really existed. (While it is hard to tell by words alone, I am not being sarcastic.)
    You’re living the dream – don’t forget us little guys.

  2. Well hell, I’m sorry it wasn’t fun for you, I’m not sure I could actually throw it it into the mix. I’m open to suggestions though.

    Gretchen’s idea sounds pretty good for the male type bloggers now that I think of it. Upgrade and lap dance in one “fun” happy package. Will upgrade your blog and order up a lap dancer to take your mind off all the nasty things I’m doing to your poor WP install.

    Wonder what the women would want?

  3. @Gretchen! You know? I’ve never had a lap dance, and I haven’t been a real strip club my entire life! Oh no… there was that one time… just outside Ft. Madison, Iowa!!!

    @Kirk, nope Dude paying somebody to do my chores is never fun. Your package idea is a great one. If anybody can come up with a package for women, it will be Gretchen.
    I think the tubes really were clogged on a number of mail servers, I got a whole glob on Outlook at once. I haven’t been around much today to read RSS to see if there was a major problem.

  4. @Canucklehead: Yup, Serg and Brin and Me are tight. Have you heard that Bill Gates is a Prick?

  5. Hey… 114 bucks is 114 bucks!

    Mark… just wanted to let you know I enjoy reading your blog. I may not be the target age group — but I will be soon enough. Keep it up.


    PS: My favorite bumper sticker was the “Depends” one.