How to Decide Between Haiku Sonnet or Non-Fiction Novel — 6 Comments

  1. That’s why I’m not wasting a month on that NaNoWriMo stuff. There are too many other ways to do some real creative writing: i.e. the New Year’s Eve toast, the Thanksgiving prayer, the holiday family “what we did this year” letter,etc. Much more fun and quicker gratification.

  2. I just can’t see pouring out thousands and thousands of words in 30 days. It has to be crap. As we know, it’s harder to write short.
    Have you visited One Sentence or First 50 Words in my blogroll? Try it, it ain’t easy.

  3. I shopped around an idea for a parenting book a couple of years ago and was roundly rejected. Actually, if you could see my kids in action, you would NOT be interested in any parenting theories from me. The inmates are running the asylum at our house.

  4. Sweetie, a parent who says “shit” a lot and lets her children watch “The Family Guy” is going to win no awards. All my mommy friends think I’m out of my mind. I recently discovered that Sam’s teachers have been reading my blog, and I keep waiting for Child Protective Services to come knocking at my door.

  5. You are in deep shit now. Every comment I make at your place is gonna get you in soooooo much trouble with… nope, can’t do it to Sam.
    I’ll look forward to reading about the first time you have a discussion with a teacher about your blog.