I Gotta Call *Bullshit* on This Blogger — 19 Comments

  1. You know, blogging is a lot like parenting that way — they let just anyone do it, whereas really there should be some kind of screening process. Well, you probably got her more hits today than she usually gets in a month of Sundays. What an airhead.

  2. I suggest that you remove my photograph right now. That is copyrighted material and I am going to pursue legal action against you.

    In addition, I am reporting you to wordpress.

  3. In addition, you’re in Clovis, California, right? I can find you. And no, I don’t care what filth you spew from that rancid hole in your face. I mean, all a person has to do is read the content of your “blog” and consider the source…..

    But you WILL remove my photograph.

    You have been reported to WordPress support.
    You have been reported to dcma authorities.
    I am now notifying your Internet Service Providerr.

  4. goinglikesixty,

    You are wrong on every point.

    First, regarding shipping costs:

    Are you going to call BS on Walmart too? And Amazon? And R.E.I? And L.L. Bean? And Apple? And Dell? And all the sellers on Ebay?

    The horror! The scandal! They quote one price, but then have the gall to charge separately for shipping!

    Anyone who has ever bought anything by phone, by mail, or online, knows that it is standard, known, and accepted practice to make shipping charges separate from item prices, for quite sensible reasons.

    Admittedly, Gloria’s wording to express that separate shipping charges apply could have been clearer. Nonetheless, it is clear enough for anyone with standard reading comprehension that she was saying that she was giving the items away for free, but not covering shipping costs. Had you or anyone else contacted her and said you wanted the free stuff, and would be glad to pick it up in person, then she’d have waived the shipping, and there’d be no charge whatsoever. Ergo, the items being given away are, in fact, free.

    Second, regarding her being no girl, and your clarification that you mean she is not under 18:

    Note that among the other definitions of girl, besides “female child”, are the following:

    a. A woman Socializing in a group of women.
    b. Used as a familiar form of address to express support of or camaraderie with a woman.”


    “Informal. A female sweetheart.”

    Both of these definitions are, again, quite common and accepted uses of the word girl. These meanings of the word are especially commonly used in cases where the speaker/writer is seeking to inflect her words with a sense of informality and/or a sense of the idyllic. Again, it is clear enough to anyone with standard reading comprehension that this is how the word is used, in this case.

    You could rail against the endless multitude of (correct) references to adults as girls throughout popular culture (such as The Cars song “My Best Friend’s Girl”, The Temptations’s song “My Girl”, and Jill Sobule’s song “I Kissed a Girl”)… but, if you did, the only knowledge you’d be imparting is that you had overly pedantic and foolish tendencies.

    Third, regarding implying picture alteration, bulimia and/or compliment-fishing:

    Gloria is a dear friend of mine whom I know well, and so I can assure you that your aspersions are off-base. She’s not bulimic, merely asking about healthy ways to gain weight… really. It may be hard for a self-professed “bitter old fat guy” to imagine, but some people actually do have trouble keeping their weight on, and don’t want to poison their bodies with junk food. She doesn’t have a freakishly small appetite, either, just not large. She’s not compliment fishing, either… no need to. And, no, she didn’t Photoshop her image to fatten herself up. She’s not freaky thin, just a little more slender than she wants to be.

    The only issues with her blog are in your mind, not in anything she said, nor with any actual facts about her.

    We are left with the ironic fact that the only one on this blog page who has been legitimately called out for BSing is you, goinglikesixty.

  5. Criminey. Some people ought to smoke a doob and lighten up. Reminds me of the time I snarked Scientology in my blog . . . oh, those people have no sense of humor whatsoever, especially about themselves.

  6. Oh yeah! I actually have a whole category for Poop on my blog . . . the other words that get me lots of hits are “peepee” and “wedgie”.

  7. Stunts to create blog traffic? You’re giving those of us, ahem, “serious” bloggers, too much competition. I have to work hard to offend people. My last venture wasn’t even intended – I just pissed people off and didn’t know it until the sh*t h*t the fan.

    I see you’ve added another photograph. How long do you think you can keep this up (pun intended) 😉

  8. IMHO I think it was a bit rude.
    If she was using her photo and/or personality as her selling point for a commercial reason (like actors and celebrities do) then she is wide open and will expect satirical comment. She isn’t though, she’s just some blogger.

  9. @Cheryl: no stunt, as Andy (below) says, she is “just some blogger.” I’m too small potatoes to insult any blogger in hopes of starting a flame war to build traffic. Not my intent at all.

    @Andy: Yes it was rude. I’ll give you that. There is another picture attached to the post that she referred to. The contrast is pretty startling. There was no satire involved: I meant to make direct fun of her post because it is such an easy target.