I May Be Living with a Hoarder — 16 Comments

  1. Wow, that’s a mess. But if it’s all in the closet and not all over the place, it’s probably not a hoarding problem.

  2. Looks like the work room of my honey’s quilt shop. Bet your wife knows just where everything is though. Sewing rooms don’t count though.

    Hint: Don’t ever mess with a women’s sewing room, especially when she’s serious about it. You’ll wind up with your clothes falling off your backside in public…like in front of a cop.

  3. I’ve seen alot of rooms like that. Then when those ladies are dead and gone, all that stuff sells for $1 per large box at the estate auction. Think of it as a gold mine for you someday – 25 large boxes of sewing stuff @ $1.00 – Whoopie! And you don’t even want to think about what all that stuff originally cost.

    Sewers and crafters are the biggest hoaders I know. It’s that old “I don’t want to throw it out, I may be able to use it someday” syndrome.

  4. Yep, it looks like you have a hoarder border. But I think she’d have to go a looooooong way to come close to the lady on Oprah’s show. Count your blessings Mark. My storage room could use an intervention team….and my garage….eek.

  5. It’s not a hoarding problem – it’s called having a life with lots of activities to fill it!!!!!

  6. I have one of those, not quite a whole room, but a big walk in closet. I’ve seriously thought about quilting and such but I know I’ll end up in that same boat, so I’m avoiding for now. Yarn is good, it squishes into places where no one looks *cough cough wink nudge*

  7. Hi Stepford: A friend tried an intervention and came over and spent the day “organizing” and putting yarn together in baskets. Those baskets are in the hallway and the guest bedroom. Squishing is good.

  8. A room like that is worth a dozen diamond necklaces to a woman who sews and knits. Don’t even think of changing it!