It’s About Time the PGA Announced it’s Drug Testing Policy — 7 Comments

  1. I don’t know a thing about golf, but I never knew a caddy who wasn’t stoned. Actually, golf looks pretty boring to me, so it could probably use some drugs to liven things up.

  2. They’re in good shape because they walk the course. You don’t see them riding around the courses in some fancy, smancy electric carts. It takes real men (with balls, shafts, and heads) to play golf.

  3. Well, we already know John Daly has come forth and announced his drug use (alcohol). I’ve even seen him smashed during a tournament. Oh, but he’s NOT in shape…

  4. Yes, I had Daly in mind, but he really is the odd man on the tour. He can still win, but most of the guys are in far better shape. But I can’t see golfers – at any level – doping.

  5. Drugs are being used by the Golf Player’s? It sounds so confusing. Golf doesn’t require lot of energy when you are playing it, so why need to take drugs ?