Thirteen Things That Mark Me as an Old Man — 13 Comments

  1. It sucks getting older. Though I have been trying to stop the process. I took the ladies favorite way of stopping aging. They quit counting at thirtynine, I decided why wait that long, I quit counting at 29 abd holding! 😉

  2. @theScoundrel: ya see? here’s the deal – you can stop counting, or even think you are younger, but your body betrays you. How can a shakey fart with hair on his nose still think he is 30?

    @Kimberly: well good luck with that bikini wax there kiddo.

  3. The minute I had to get bifocals I knew I was in trouble with the 29 deal. But I am still in good enough condition not many can call me on the age thing. Though the last couple of years things have been going down hill more quickly. I know spend more time on the Internet than I do chasing women. That is the killer sign of aging. 😉

  4. What a disgusting sick thing to do, to post that picture of some poor soul who was freaking BEHEADED. you are demented.