Did the Black KKK Kill Sean Taylor? — 5 Comments

  1. Well, I agree, statistically most murders by black people are OF black people, just as most murders of women are by their husbands or boyfriends. (I am a true-crime junkie. I am also a Hollywood gossip addict. Strange behavior for an otherwise intelligent woman, but we have established I am puerile.)

    The “black KKK”? Talk about a contradiction in terms. I love it. Didn’t they used to be Black Panthers and such, and say “kill whitey”? Only we boomers are old enough to remember that shit.

  2. @Catch Her In The Wry: at least he has a national audience, and is talking about it. It’s nice to have somebody other than Cosby saying this. Need others, like Jordan, Woods, Oprah, to step up.