Joyivish Noshes, Fleece Noturdad, JoYeaux Knowell. I Can Has Mor Beer? — 12 Comments

  1. WHOA! Now THAT’S some tree. Looks like you’re planning for a VERY BEERY CHRISTMAS Mark. I hope you’re semi-coherent by the time SHE gets home. Okay, who’s house is this really?

  2. Not how KEWL is THAT?! Oh, the mayhem if I’d had a tree like this the year Santa left the grandkids a battery powered Powerwheels under our tree!

  3. Hey Sixty!

    You like Dutch Beer?

    The brand you see on the tree is Grolsch, a Dutch brand until recently when they sold out to a couple of ferreners.



    AKA Happy Hotelier

  4. Ha I love this! Last year my boyfriend and I bought 30 mini smirnoff bottles of vodka and drank nuthin but screwdrivers for a week. When they were all empty we tied red ribbon around them and hung them on the tree with red glass balls. I wish I still had a pic :0(

  5. @Happy: Too much Grolsch makes it hard to type>???
    @Gina: i wish you had a picture too – sounds cool. Its not to late for this year! That’s only 3 screwdrivers each for a week, pretty easy.