Seven Random Facts About Me Meme — 10 Comments

  1. @ Rhea: thanks. Yes, it’s for real. I got a fancy certificate and everything. I served on a board once and that made me worthy once, and then there’s the whole fried chicken deal.

  2. My Goodness! A meme and two posts all on the one day?! My pickaxe comes off to you, sir.
    I hope the deep-seated anxt isn’t against me… I told you the money was only resting in my account.

  3. @K8: you haven’t been paying attention again. In round numbers, I’ve been blogging for nine months, I have done 791 posts and I don’t know if that includes my free days at So that’s 2.9296296 posts per day.
    Please go back and catch up.

  4. I just looked up brawl to make sure I spelled it right and found out brawl means “to argue/fight loudly” so that still wouldn’t be a physical fight… hmm… how about battle?


    Eh, nevermind… I’m not a good battler… hopefully you’ll never have to kick someone’s ass..

  5. @Kimberly: I learned something today – a brawl isn’t a physical fight, I sure thought it was! Could I beat young woman in a fight? I’ve heard that girls don’t hold back and will go for the nads.
    I’m glad I don’t have to battle you.

  6. Whenever I need a good guffaw on any given day, I know I can pop in here and you’ll just pick my spirits right up. I’ve never been in a fight either — I’ve had dreams where I’m in a fight and my fist turns into jello.

    By the by, you only tagged 6 other blogs. So add counting to spelling. 😉