Well, I like it. You? — 26 Comments

  1. I like it. But I have no sympathy for your hours wasted.

    I e-mailed you the solution to your last problem, but would you listen??

    You can sort this one out for yourself. And stop annoying Kirk!


  2. Very nice job! Love the Godfather header. One comment though and please take with a grain of salt. Black backgrounds are very hard on the over 40 eyes or those with any visual impairments.

    Whoever made the header did a great job!

  3. @Grandad: I’ll forward Kirk’s wrap up email so you can learn something. If you would stop sending him memes, he’s have a lot more time to help.
    I think I can figure it out now that I know which css to look at.

    @Elaine: why you, I oughta… I know color on black is harder to read than black on white. But it looks cool! 🙂
    I have visual impairments: trifocals.
    Try the old ctrl/scroll to enlarge!
    Thanks for the input.

  4. I like the look if I don’t have to read it. The black is difficult for my eyes but I only read you through RSS where it’s just black on white so never come to the site except to make a comment. The header’s great. Do you have to pay royalties to Coppola?

  5. @thesavvyboomer: RSS is wunnerful because of those of us who get a wild hair. Coppola is taking a revenue share of my Google ™ income.
    I made him an offer he couldn’t refuse.

    @Grandad: Kirk just so happens to be away this evening playing a cut throat game of UNO, so I’ll have to take it up with him later.

  6. Every tried the Coppola wines? Very good! We have a bottle of red open tonight.

    RE: the’s not a matter of size, I have 20/20 vision and have only needed reading glasses since over 40. It’s the 6 eye surgeries I had between age 44-46 for acute glaucoma and bi-lateral cataracts. These damn blue eyes are a curse I tell ya! My vision is fine.. still 20/20. Anyone with lens implants may find the black BG difficult though. But it does look good!

  7. Sixty,

    For one thing it’s not red text in the block quote, it’s horrid orange. I’m sure you can take care of it now that you know where to look. Second, will you please stop screwing up the link to my site? I appreciate the plug of course but it would work better if the link was correct (Grandad clued me in).

    I better get outta here before someone makes me an offer I can’t refuse.

  8. Well.. I think it looks cool and my thirty something eyes can read it… I’ll let you know if I can still read it when I’m 40. 🙂

  9. I can’t even get close to reading these colors, not even with a magnifying glass. As far as I know, I’m not blind, but then color blind people don’t know they’re color blind, do they?

  10. @Elaine: Interesting about your eyes. I have blue eyes, what’s the deal?
    @Kirk: red/orange I’m color blind so same thing. Your URL is like morse code with the dashes and dots. I fixed it on this post, will check the others.
    @Kimberly: thanks, the dynasty will be changed to the Capos/Lieutenants
    @Pam: Yes, we color blind people know we are. Ever seen the Ishihara color blind test? That’s how we know.
    @Cat: This isn’t a democracy!

  11. I’ve been working on my PC all day, doing a lot of typing. I have been typing black text on a white background. I thought I’d take a look at your site [God knows why? Am I a masochist?]. The transition to white on black has given me an epileptic fit or something. I’m now seeing spots in front of my eyes, and I have a headache. Why couldn’t you have done red text on a yellow background? Or black text on a purple background?

    Or maybe black text on a black background? That way we wouldn’t have to suffer your writing as well as your design?

  12. Now there’s an idea…..
    Do black text on a black background. We then have to guess what you are waffling about and leave comments accordingly.
    Your replies [which are now the only things we can read] will give us a clue if we are on the right track.

    A whole new concept in blogging.

    God bless Ireland [and ignore that heathen bunch in America].

  13. awwweeeeesoooommmmeee…The Vadar theme… I am such a sci-fi geek. I am an assistant organizer for our sci-fi group on meetup, and I do movie night… aweeesooooommmmeee…

  14. Now that is much better. The black surround gives the site the morbid feel that it deserves, but the text [if you could darken it a wee bit] on the white background is much better

  15. This is much easier! Thank you.

    (about the blue eyes – they let in more light than dark eyes and are more prone to sun damage which can cause cataracts. Baby boomers grew up not wearing sun glasses. Also anyone who used the steroid nasal spray beconase or similar ones to control allergies should know it puts them at increased risk for cataracts. Unfortunately I used beconase for many years back in the early 90’s for my seasonal allergies.)

  16. Flonase is a newer drug though, the older steriod nasal sprays are the ones that caused cataracts in some people. You don’t need to worry about using flonase.

    Good luck to Nancy!