A & W Introduces a Float in a Bottle — 20 Comments

  1. There are A&Ws in Glasgow and Cave City (although they are cobranded with Long John Silvers.

  2. My boys are all about root beer floats. Every time we take them out to eat, they order floats and ruin their appetites. Sam also eats the Dreyer’s Root Beer Float ice cream. I’m sure he’ll be all over these, too.

  3. We have an A&W/KFC in town. This totally perplexes my eldest – she can’t understand why there are so many initials and no actual name on the billboard. She’s a thinker, that one.

    I personally think floats are nasty. My Nana used to make us grandkids floats and I distinctly remember drinking the heck out of ’em, but it was like all of the sudden one day….they were gross. My mom likes Dr. Pepper floats and my husband likes Coke floats. I think they’re both very strange.

  4. @Redneck Diva: Your eldest has a good point! I can understand your change in taste, at some point in a persons maturing they move on to more gourmet fare.
    Like Bud.
    Hey? Bud Float?

  5. I am a employee for Seven-Up bottling we received our shipments of A&W and Sunkist Floats in a bottle. I personally love a float so I was excited to try it. I am no longer excited I tried the A&W one and it was a very fake tasting vanilla almost like vanilla extract it smelled strongly of vanilla in the bottle with little to no root beer taste my nephew said it was like bad candy. I hope maybe got a bad bottle or that Sunkist is different but seems like another failed attempt at creating a quick homemade float taste in a bottle. To me anyway.

  6. Hi Kory, thanks for the first “review.” I hope it was a “bad batch” but I bet it wasn’t. It’s hard to fix such odd flavors and textures.
    I thought of Jones Turkey Dinner soda, when I first heard this.

  7. I actually just rried both the AW&W and the Sunkist. . .all I can say is NASTY. The A&W doesn’t have any rootbeer taste to it. . very mechanical tasting, while the sunkist taste like cough syrup. NOT GOOD. Both make your tummy hurt and give you bad breath. Boo!!

  8. I just tried the A&W Float and the first thing I noticed was it was too syrupy and just too strong. Plus it tasted terrible. Nothing like root beer. $6 for 4, 11 ounce bottles was very pricey as well. This has dud written all over it in my opinion.

  9. I tried a pack from the local store here and I was very disappointed. I felt like I just wasted almost 6 bucks on a drink that tastes nothing like the real thing.

  10. a/w rootbeer float in a bottle is the most disguting flavor i have ever tasted . plain and sinmple how it got to the shelves is a surprise, and i love a/w root beer and floats but god it was horrible i dumped it out .

  11. I am currently studying for my finals, and i decided to take a break and go get something to drink at the 7-11 around the corner. i was intrigued by this new product labeled A&W Float. though my fascination was immediately crushed as i took a swig on the walk back. It tastes to me like a bunch of artificial Carmel and vanilla syrups were dumped into a container along with a few drips of root beer. I am sure that A&W can do better than this.

  12. I thought your Sunkist A&W floats were the BOMB!!! I really enjoyed the concept of a float in a bottle. Keep up the good work!!!