Big F***in’ Deal Today from Domino’s – WTF? — 18 Comments

  1. That is BY FAR the most hilarious thing I have seen, well, today at least. I find it so pathetic when big business tries to appear “cool”, kids know cool, and big business is not cool.! Thanks for making me laugh!

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  2. I had the same reaction when I saw this during the NFL games this weekend. Companies try so hard to be subversive and edgy without really being either. Do Dominos and Pizza Hut really need to make all these obnoxious commercials to remind me about their product? They could just as easily run video of pizza and say “PIZZA!” and I’d be just as inclined to buy their product. It’s pizza…you really don’t need to reinvent the wheel here.

    PS I like the new design. Snazzy.

  3. This is the best promotion since Spirit Airlines had their MILF (many islands, low fares) promotion about a month ago. When it all hits the fan, the companies act like they had no idea what the acronym really stands for. Yeah, I believe you- NOT!

  4. I think that it is important to exercise tolerance toward other people’s beliefs and/or cultural values… and in America (where everyone eats pizza) Domino’s has the responsibility to represent all of those beliefs and values structures. An acronym such as BFD (by default) carries with it a certain and (at times) important amount of cultural ambiguity. This ambiguity allows us to transcend our differences and focus on shared experiences instead. After all, it is the shared experiences which ultimately bring us closer together as a people. In this case that “shared experience” happens to be pizza. I’m sure that Domino’s knows what BFD means … to you. But they are also taking into account what it means to everyone else in America too. For example, think about all of the kids from religiously conservative families in middle America whose parents would ground them just for saying the F-Word. Those kid’s still love pizza; but if they were to walk into their living room and say “hey mom, Domino’s has a Big Fucking Deal right now, can we order pizza tonight?” not only would they be sent to their room, but they would be sent there deprived of the “pizza experience” — and that is no good for the kid, the mom or America. The universal love of pizza has placed a necessary mandate upon Domino’s to act as a cultural ambassador in our troubled times. Perhaps this makes Domino’s appear to be the “bad guy,” but nonetheless they are rising to the challenge — taking on the role of stewarding America toward universal truth. So now when little Johnny says “hey mom Domino’s has a BFD, can we order pizza tonight?” Johnny’s mom has to stop and ask “what did you just say?” to which Johnny replies “it’s their Big Fantastic Deal, can we please order pizza mom?” And thus not only does Johnny get to participate in the shared experience of pizza, but Johnny’s mom is forced to stop and reflect upon her own cultural biases. In this way the experience of pizza becomes a subversive metaphor for coexistence and tolerance in our society. Sure you can construct a pizza as half veggie and half meat lovers, but, as Barack Obama says: “There is no red America, there is no blue America… there is only America. There is no white America, there is no black America… there is only America.” Because of the universal relevance of pizza in our culture, it is critically important that Domino’s act with the same degree cultural sensitivity that today’s most influential leaders are using to construct a vision for a better America. Because in the end, Johnny is either locked away in his room, or we are all enjoying pizza together. Booyah!

  5. haha well i don’t think anybody else agrees with me on this. urban dictionary has posted a BFD reference as with the B meaning Big. but to me it depends on context… to me, “you just got the BFD” doesn’t mean Big f’ing deal it means Best. when buying things people don’t care about big deals they care about best deals. in other words, can ordering pizza ever be a “big” deal? but the urban dictionary reference, ” you trashed your machine? BFD! there’s a backup.” also makes sense to me with the B meaning Big. have i overthought this? that would be an understatement. but i didn’t create a blog post about it.

  6. @Ethan: Context is everything. If they had a choice of pizza specials, then you could choose the Better F’in Deal.

    Or if they were offering a Cerulean or Azure special, it would be the Bluest F’in Deal.