Did You Miss Your Beddian Birthday? I did. — 15 Comments

  1. @Brian: 20 years of talking about your Beddian birthday. Wow! Yeah this isn’t for the kiddles. I think this will be my Alzheimer’s Mind Exercise.

  2. A 51 year build up to my Beddian birthday?!?! Man, my friends are going to get sick of this one. What sort of presents should one expect?

  3. How interesting that you posted this, during my Beddian birthday year! I turn 54 this May.

    I had wondered what it was called. 😉

  4. I turn 50 this September so if I add another 8 years on to that to get my Beddian birthday then I’ve got until 2016 to spread the word. Of course, I’ll probably forget all about it in the meantime and that’s way too long to put a countdown counter on my blog for!

  5. @Linda: Hell, I dunno, like I said, this is my brain tester. Born in 1957, in 2016 you will be 59, right? In 2014, you will be 57, right?
    I’m not kidding, I have to have a friggin’ calculator.

  6. It’s my husband’s 54th birthday and he had noticed the date, so now I am having a surprise party. Too cool. Thanks for the info….

  7. @Sheila: Way cool! Thanks for sharing his age, so my little pea brain didn’t have to wrap itself around the concept again.

  8. Since the beginning of this year I have been asking everyone what do you call you birthday when you turn the age of your birth year? Everyone thought I was crazy and just wanted special attention. I finally went to this site. Thanks for telling me you call it Beddian Birthday. September 3rd was my birthday and now a whole lot of people owe me some special gifts. Can anyone tell me what I should expect? Thanks a million!

  9. Today is my Beddian Birthday! I was telling my husband that my age is the same as my birth year today. (54) I told him there must be a name for this and it must be special, after all, not everyone has one. I’m sure a lot of people miss theirs. Like my grandsons that were born in 01 and 03. The other one will have to live to be 94 to celebrate his! Anyway, thanks for the info.. Too bad I didn’t think to look it up soon enough to milk it for all it’s worth, LOL!

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