Fame and Fortune Called. I Said I Would Call Back. — 7 Comments

  1. @Rhea: Holy Moly. I hit publish and you got a comment in! Are we on the same internet tube?
    Anyhoo, yeah, I figured he would want my bank account and routing number. But I guess not.
    After he reads my post, he’ll probably sue me and get my assets anyway.

  2. In case you get another chance somewhere else, and if you do indeed become rich and famous before you hit 61, please remember to tell all the Talk Show Hosts about growing up in Michigan– and also be sure to mention what cool people still live there with cool blogs that start with “J”.

    ‘Cause Letterman will want to know about stuff like that.

  3. @Nancy: with your husky voice, you could have pulled it off.
    @Janna: Happy Birthday. Yes, I will remember you, counting on you and Fab and others to help build the dynasty.