Friday Five – Lame Valentine Gifts That She Will Love — 11 Comments

  1. @nessa: oh, good one. Cash or Check would be #2 on the list.
    @Richard Longwood: Star yes, Asteroid, no.
    @Nancy: it’s my wooly cover for the cold weather.

  2. You forgot diamonds and expensive champagne. Actually, my Valentine’s gift to Ben every year is to excuse him from getting me a Valentine’s gift.

  3. No, diamonds are not lame at all, and they provide great leverage. On an episode of “The Family Guy” we saw recently, they had a fake diamond ad featuring the silhouettes of a guy slipping a big diamond ring onto a woman’s finger, whereafter she slowly sank to her knees. And then the tag line: “Diamonds: She’ll Pretty Much Have To.” HEE.