Fried Chicken and Ice Cream: Researching Blog Material — 8 Comments

  1. It’s true that you do good research. Me, I’m too lazy for that; I just rant and rave. (Hey, it works for Howard Stern and Adam Carolla.)

    Reasons to be fat? Ssshhh. I’ve just today decided I need to drop 20 pounds, so I absolutely refuse to read this. God, I hate middle age. When I was 25 I sat on my ass all day at the office eating M&Ms, then went home and ate a pizza for dinner, and weighed 105 pounds. 22 years and three kids later, I gain 10 pounds if I eat a cornflake.

  2. Nah, it’s not the pot; I don’t indulge the munchies. My weakness is animal fat: beef, cheese and eggs. Damn, that shit’s good.

    Right before I started dating Ben I went on a SlimFast and chardonnay diet, and that worked pretty well. My body has always thrived on a certain level of abuse, so I don’t know, how does sushi and sauvignon blanc sound? Hee.

  3. I remember a book called “Sex Tips for Girls” by Cynthia Heimel where she posited the “Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll Diet” which basically consisted of booze, cigarettes and cocaine. So, you know, I think that ship has already sailed. But I’ll keep it in mind!