Gizmo Lets You Talk Free Using Regular Phone — 11 Comments

  1. I’m so old I’m suspicious of this. We should probably get rid of our land line since we never answer it, but phone through the computer for free? Won’t we go to hell or something?

  2. I have dish network and it requires a phone connection. When I disconnect my land line I can’t a connection through magic jack for my dish network service. Also I can’t go online through magic jack only I have to plug in the land line connection. Does magic jack work indepently of the land line phone for connections other than phone service ie, fax machines? If so what do I have to do to get it to work? If I have to keep a land line it defeats the point of having magic jack.

  3. Unplugging phone line from Dish network receiver does’t mean you cannot have dishnetwork service. It just saves you five dollars a month if you have a phone hooked up to it, other than that everything is all the same. You still need a landline for your DSL which is used to operate magic jack. I am just paying basic package on my land line just to have DSL. But from magic jack, I can call Canada without any cost or phone card like I used to do before.

  4. Hello Al:

    magicJack self-installs the first time you plug it in the USB port of your computer. During a brief registration process, you choose a local area code/telephone number for your magicJack. Within minutes, set-up is complete, and you plug any standard corded, cordless or portable phone into the other end of the magicJack and dial-tone will be available. You can begin making free local and long-distance calls anywhere in the US & Canada.

    For more information check out: and the

    FAQ/Knowledgebase page on site:

    If you encounter challenges with install:

  5. I did purchase the magic jack,but wi;; be giving it up when the year is up.Everytime you turn on your computer you have to sit and wait for their advertising to go through all the information ,that tries to get you to tell all your friends about the magicjack.I paid for the magic jack,so why should I be expected to promote it for them.When I go on my computer I don’t want to sit there and wait while they advertise their product.I’ve already turned five people away from getting it,because of their advertising on my time.

  6. @Francis Beers: You’re being harsh. What you see is a start up screen, lots of software run these while they load. Advertising on your time?
    For this you would give up an product that works and saves you money?
    Different strokes for different folks. 🙂

  7. I got your magic jack. I want to call Ukraine. Can I just call them or do I need a telephone credit card? If I do, which one & how much will each call to Ukraine cost me?