Heath Ledger – Candy Bar Controller is Dead — 16 Comments

  1. I care, I care! I’ve had a crush on that kid since “10 Things I Hate About You.” And no, I don’t care that he was young enough to be my son, technically.

  2. Hee. That was (and is) Rupert Grint, the kid who plays Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter movies. I have a redhead fetish thanks to a high-school evening spent necking in the back of the car with a red-haired boy, a fellow bank geek. But Heath Ledger, yeah. I never said much about it because it was just SO predictable.

  3. It was HIS idea to put that stupid cardboard in to make the candy look larger?????

    OMG! The man was a genius!!!

    @Gretchen…yeah, he was a real cutie. I’m sorry that he died, too.

  4. i can’t believe you people are so disrespectful. especially the person who wrote this.

  5. how would you feel if somebody was talking that way about one of your dead family members?

  6. another dancing monkey has bit the dust or whatever it was called was worse. i’m offended by it and i’m pretty sure anyone else related to him or anybody that cared for him, and loved him would also be offended.

  7. I’m confused by the bastard child posts. I have differing viewpoints, which I won’t go into because frankly they don’t matter here. Despite my disagreement, I do think her opinion is logical and sound. My confusion lies in her lack of solution to the problem of bastard children. Birth-control babies do happen, and what is her solution to this if the two partners aren’t sure about the commitment involved? Does she endorse abortion, adoption, or no-sex-’till-marriage? Maybe all three…clarification on that matter would’ve helped more than the clarification on the “sanctity” of marriage.