I Never Dreamed I Would Be Memed — 11 Comments

  1. I knew you’d come through! I didn’t know you weren’t retired … How in the world do you keep up on your blog so well if you aren’t retired?

  2. I NEVER, EVER in my wildest dreams thought I would ever live in the South but it has turned out to be the area that gave the biggest boost to my career!

    I never thought I would figure out how to use a computer or effectively use the internet but I did and found a husband that way.

    Now may I shamelessly promote my upcoming talk show: TODAY at Noon EST.

  3. I never thought I would have four kids, or that I would live in California. In college at the University of Delaware everyone used to say “Oh, after I graduate I want to go to California for a while, man,” and I was like “Not me, I fucking hate California.” So what happened? None of them ever went to California, and I’m stuck here.

  4. @Gretchen: Gawd woman, your mood swings are driving me batty. Love California/stuck here? Hee. But this will be fun: you will look back on your blog posts and laff!

  5. Not mood swings at all; I have a total, well-documented love/hate relationship with California. First time I came to visit in 1984, I called home after the first day and said “Great place to visit. Would never want to live here.” I would miss it if I left, but how can I miss it when it won’t go away?

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