It’s Time for a Gut Check – Yes, She Does Swallow! — 10 Comments

  1. It is quite a collection – great for Halloween decor. I also have my tonsils somewhere around here, just can’t quite put my fingers on them!

    This only happens if the insurance approves it – they are balking, but golly, gee, Medicaid approves it! You know how insurance companies are…’s all in the wording…..those that pass “the wording test”, get it, those that don’t are refused! Damn insurance companies!!!

  2. @Mr. Fab: anybody else but you, I would say have at it. But I’ve read about and seen what you do (and will be doing) to your body. So I would say “no.”

  3. Well whaddayah know? That sure beats having the VA stuffing a 4 foot piece of line down my esophagus and having to go on with my “normal routine” with a piece of linguini hanging out my nose and running down to a device the size of an old Sony Walkman for 24 hours.

    Anyway, good luck with getting it approved.