Just to Keep the Record Straight. Smart – not TaTa — 7 Comments

  1. I am so jealous! I saw an add for one about a year ago and have wanted one ever since. Just before Christmas I saw a cute red one parked in the parking lot where my son works … it was parked in a spot no one else will ever use! When will you get it?

  2. @Scotty: No, Yes, dunno, yes, no. 🙂
    @Edna: For $99 down, you too can drive one of your own. I haven’t not heard when we get it. How about for Mother’s Day?

  3. That’s the kind of car that people pick up and sit on the sidewalk. My sister had a VW Rabbit in HS and the football boys would sit in on a railing for her at least once a week.

    No way my fat arse would fit in a car like that… way in hell.

  4. @Redneck Diva: True, so true- it would be easy to pick up and carry away. Yes you would fit. I’m telling ya. It is amazing how much space there is inside. You think I would buy a car that I can’t drive?