Lake Wobegon? Grinder’s Switch? Give Me The Flathead Valley Beacon. — 7 Comments

  1. Sixty,

    Come on over.

    The Beacon crew is a great group of people and they’ve got the journalism chops as well.

    All the community pages (Bigfork, Columbia Falls, Kalispell, Whitefish) are managed by people in those communities.

    I write their business column, but Im not a “real staffer” and I dont have a real journalism background either.

    Thanks for noticing us:)

  2. This cracked me up I must say. I don’t think I have laughed so hard in a long time. I really like your uber cool style and delivery. Just hope someday I will be able to write in a edgy way like you… and when you consider the topic it is even more amazing that I am entertained…
    Nick Caverson

  3. Hey, I have a funny one for you. I was surfing around today and found your blog and was reading this post and then the comments and as I reach the end I see a comment from Nick. Just so happens that Nick is my husband and I did crack myself up at how small the net is getting. Thanks for the entertainment.

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  4. @Nick: I’m so sorry I didn’t acknowledge your kind remarks. Somehow slipped by me. Thank you!

    @Kerry Ann: Wow. What are the odds? Must be some kind of compatibility indicator, right?