Making the Comittment to Go Green As Long As I Can — 14 Comments

  1. Good start to your ‘Going Green’ campaign Mark. Hey, I just picked up a bag of green M&M Peanuts…..we got to start somewhere.

  2. @Vintage P: lol – The only offset I worry about is skidmarks.
    @Joy: Of course M&M Peanuts have the wrong candy coating to chocolate ratio, but as you said, you have to start somewhere. Then again, you probably always were a nutty type.

  3. @K8: If last one out of bag is red, make wish and it will come true, if last one out is yellow, take caution in everything you do, orange is good luck, brown is bad luck.
    I think we can go with blue will make you craic (is that proper term?) 🙂

  4. No, the green ones make you HORNY. At least that was the conventional wisdom when I was a teenager.

    Van Halen famously demanded dishes of only green M&Ms in their dressing room at concerts. (Like they needed the help.)

  5. True, I am a nutty type…but regular M& M’s are my favorite since I was a little kid. My son loves the peanuts….so… know the rest.