Old Boomers Are Retro — 7 Comments

  1. I SO want a leg lamp, and would proudly put it in our front window if we had one. Every year we watch the Christmas Story marathon on TBS. Yes, all 24 hours of it. One of our favorite local restaurants has a leg lamp in their bar area, and my boys always caress it like Ralphie did in the movie.

  2. Well, but we don’t have a front window (we live in a townhome). It’s no fun if you can’t offend other people with it. For a while Ben was looking for a lawn jockey to put in our front garden, but to no avail. Now we just have a repulsively kitschy assortment of saints, lawn gnomes, crocodiles with wings, roadrunners and the like.

    I’m quite certain our neighbors hate us and that the HOA wishes we would move to the Klondike.

  3. @Gretchen: LOL, an african american lawn jockey??? I bet I can find one here in KY! I can’t believe the HOA isn’t on your case. I was on an HOA board and the old bitties would freak if somebody had a boat in the driveway for the weekend.

  4. I wanted to buy a leg floor lamp for our daughter and son-in-law for Christmas but I just couldn’t justify the price! But the table model would look nice in your office at Christmas time!

  5. Wow cool! I like retro stuff too. I am 24 yes, but retro stuff are way cool =)Does anyone know any retro houses here? I have been looking for a nice place to live and came across Town Home