OMG, My Chance to Be a Star Has Come Again — 8 Comments

  1. Enjoy your 15 minutes of fame.

    Sounds like Turning Point TV may have a limited life span. That’s what happens when the boomers continue aging, and shows will start having names like “Geriatrics Today” and “Six Feet Under: the real scoop on plots.”

    I think “edginess” gives people a certain longevity and predict both you and I will outlive Turning Point.

    “May the force be with you.” (coined long before Carrie was born, I’m sure.)

  2. Sorry. A little graveyard humor there. Hope to make up for it on the blog post I have scheduled to publish in a couple of days speaking to the “delightful irreverence” on your blog. I waxed eloquent. Really. Complete with link and trackback, by the way, so that all of my 16 devoted readers can then go read your blog.

    P.S. I never asked for fame and fortune. Just give me the dang fortune.

    P.P.S. No one ever puts me out front anyway. I’ve always been in the back office due to the unpredictability of my brilliant commentary.

  3. @me again: just one smart ass to another! no prob. Thanks for giving me a plug, I love getting new readers. My consigliere says Warhol said we would have 15 minutes of fame, but with blogs we are famous to 15 people.

    @Carrie: LOL, I see you can give as well as take. We will make a great team.

  4. OMG, I am in so much trouble! I thought this was all a joke and Carrie was a made-up person!

    Carrie, sorry about that. I’m sure you’re a “young” 72.

  5. @me again: You’ll learn. I take just enough facts and literary (har) license, so you never know. Take a look at Carrie. I want that Photoshop for Video.