Still Explaining Anatomy to 38 Year Old Daughter — 23 Comments

  1. You ARE evil. The first thing I thought of was Mitt Romney and his magic underwear, but black guys’ size? Nah, that didn’t cross my mind. I think it’s an anti-Hillary thing, like don’t vote for her because her genitals look like yours. (Although I still maintain she’s packin’ a package.)

  2. I see… he’s black so he *MUST* have a huge cock.

    I suppose he likes malt liquor and enjoys Newport cigarettes too.

    Instead of “goinglikesixty”, why don’t you call it “goingallwhite” or “going-to-go-burn-a-cross” or something like that.

    Tisk Tisk Tisk.

    There’s only one person around here with a *monstrosity* of a penis, and that’s ME! Just ask me!

  3. Yes. In addition, he drinks grape soda and eats Moonpies, fried chicken and watermelon. Just like I drive a BMW, ski topless while smoking dope, and have had Botox and plastic surgery just because I’m a white chick in Newport Beach. And don’t get me started on lawyer jokes or Polish jokes (my husband is a lawyer and I’m Polish.) We should all have a sense of humor about our own group’s stereotypes!

  4. @Richard Longwood: Well I could have gone the ways you suggested but I thought this would be more fun. I do visit the Old Negro Space Blog and The Field Negro if that counts.
    @Gretchen: topless? Still?

  5. *snort* Good Lord, not me personally. At my age, and after nursing four children, not even Ben wants to see me topless. But the local sterotype is that everyone is like the Real Housewives of Orange County.

    Honestly, the women around here honestly DO look like that. I always say I’m the only Caucasian brunette in OC.

  6. @Kirk M: No, you’re my back up dude, you got the password, you could have gone in and put up a 404 and set me straight by email.
    Now I’m hanging out and the women are having balls of fun.

  7. I’m Sixty’s daughter. I guess my father is getting to be of the age where you have to explain everything to him.

  8. LOL, brilliant badge. I took it as a gender thing, but it might very well be that women are voting Obama for the content of his underwear, as you suggest.

    I guess the candidates have no “private” parts 🙂

  9. Since it took you over 19 minutes to reply to my comment, I missed it completely. Maybe it’s the age that’s resulting in this slow response time 😉

    I assume you use a Mac like everyone interested in trends, design and innovation. If I recall correctly (I just have a button on my keyboard) you hold down the alt key and type U followed by an o to create a ö. It’s as simple as that 🙂

    oh, and one more thing. I saw you faved my blog. Thanks for that, but the code was incorrect in the badge so you actually faved my Icelandic blog. It’s been corrected if you (or anyone else) is interested in going over and fave my english version of the blog.

    ps. I’m clicking the “Notify me of followup comments via e-mail” button now.