Supreme Court Leaves Giant Skid Mark — 8 Comments

  1. Leave it to some guy from San Francisco to have a hissy fit over absolutely nothing. I knew a bunch of lesbians in college (no, not in the Biblical sense) and they proudly called themselves dykes.

    Skid marks, hee. That was a very eye-catching title.

  2. @Queen of Shake Shake: Absolutely not. You are the authori-tay. I thought of you when I wrote the headline. I always think of you when I think of skid marks.

  3. Amazing you should say that — Orange County is a notorious Republican stronghold, and Ben and I are moderate Republicans. Down here, we tend to view people from the San Francisco area as a bunch of Commie fairies, which may or may not be true, but that’s the conventional wisdom.

    There’s a big dichotomy between Northern California and Southern California. In fact, I believe at one time there was talk of splitting the state into two, north and south.