The Best Deal In The State Shouldn’t Be So Low — 7 Comments

  1. Hee. $28 to renew for 4 years in California. Such a bargain! $22 to renew for 2 years in Connecticut. $35 to renew for 4 years in Maryland.

  2. @Gretchen: Wow! I’m surpised at all those states being so low. Normally you think of them as high tax states. CN and MD I think I can understand because of low population, the revenue wouldn’t be that high. I guess in CA, any threat to drivers is a no-no?

  3. BC-$75 for 5 years, but just changed it so that it can be as much as a few thousand more when you renew depending on your demerit points accumulated in previous 5 years. And this is on top of your fines and insurance rates increasing. I think a DUI conviction gets you an extra $2,500 license fee when you renew on top of everything else. A friend just got a ticket for doing about 50 kmh (about 30mph over the limit and it cost him almost $600 in fine plus 4 demerits. I don’t speed anymore.

  4. @savvyboomer: now that makes even more sense. Charge more for the license depending on your safety record. I wish Canada was were Mexico is – I’d move.

  5. Cheaper than ours, Mark. I just got my licence renewed and it cost $75 for five years. Up here, you can renew up to 2 years after expiration without retesting.
    They have just started using facial recognition software on the photos, so we are no longer allowed to smile. ;-(