The Next Decayed Decade Will Be Significant — 6 Comments

  1. Walmart better not quite hiring us old farts as greeters! My husband and I are both depending on that for old age 😉

    You seriously don’t have a cell phone? No way.

  2. This is some great advice that I can factor into my life planning following the under promise over deliver approach. I can just imagine a Google ad with the Google-mart slogan popping up on my screen. Likely that’s how people make their millions or I guess it is billions now.

  3. @Gretchen: I’ll keep you posted as best i can
    @anyjazz: 10-4
    @Elaine: Just like Soc. Sec. don’t depend on Wal-mart for extra income. Nope no cell phone.
    @VintageP: You’re welcome. Millions? One of my pet peeves is broadcasters that pop the B in Billions, like a Billion is something special. With a $50 trillion in unfunced programs in the Fed. Budget, Billions are becoming insignificant too.