Yahoo! Google! I Got My Five Keywords For Huge Traffic. — 15 Comments

  1. Is there “Blogging for Dummies” website or a press 1 for english button? I have no clue about blogspeak!

  2. Full heartedly agree, mate.

    Memes are a pain in the hole sometimes, but worth the effort for the returned links and newfound material I reckon.
    Much as I’ve been tempted to wuss out on the follow-up tagging, it would feel too much like cheating the system.

    This coming from the laziest bitch in town, is something indeed!

    Your blog is the bee’s knees. Did I ever mention that before?

  3. @Scotty: it rhymes with dream (I was told after pronouncing in my head as me-me) and it’s like a chain letter for bloggers. Somebody starts one with a theme: 7 things about me. they write it, then “tag” other bloggers to post on the same subject and pass it along.