Breaking Update: Working Overtime at the Grassy Knoll Institute — 14 Comments

  1. Oh Lord. Not sure what I think on the whole Kennedy assassination issue, although I once gave a BJ to the son of a member of the Warren Commission. He said many things to me, but nothing about the Commission’s findings.

    Did you ever see the British five-part documentary “The Men Who Killed Kennedy”? Intriguing, and persuasive.

  2. My ex-husband and his friend went to see the memorial in Dallas when he and I lived in the area (I live there now, but not married).

    His comment about the memorial was:

    “It’s like we are saying, ‘We’re not sorry you died; we’re just sorry you died here.'”

    The memorial is a piece of rock in the shape of a square in the ground. That’s it. It’s really funny and sad at the same time.

  3. Evidence has been presented to me showing that the same limo driver for JFK was the same that drove Princess Diana when she crashed and died.
    And, to add to the conspiracy, the exact same limo driver dropped off John Lennon at his Dakota apartment in New York just seconds before he was shot.

    Coincidence! I think not.

    Curator of the Grassy Knoll Institute

  4. @lotgk: I will update immediately with your breaking news so that people who don’t read comments will be aware. Thank you for the excellent work that you do. Can you help with the Amber Alert on Yellow M&M man?

  5. @lotgk: Rocket scientists? This isn’t a Mars probe. It’s candy. and never mind: he has been released with only a busted lip.
    I’ll be in touch if you’re needed.