Derby the Disturber Reveals His Six Quirks — 7 Comments

  1. Hey, cool! I’m up to my elbows in Sam right now, so I’ll post tomorrow.

    Sorry about Derby’s nuts. Rudy doesn’t have them either (as you know, Erika’s dog Bart has balls enough for the three of them).

  2. You left out number 7! His incessant barking over nothing. I can see in Derby’s future and his vocal cords will be removed; even squirting him with water is wearing thin; poor Derby, some days he’s just dripping in water!

  3. @Wouldye: I hear they are having Woofstock. Wanna go chase chicks? About the kangaroo deal. Sit up like you are begging and just wave your feet around. I’m a lot shorter than Sedona so you might be able to just do a “high five” and get the same reaction.