First Booger Scheduled for Cloning — 9 Comments

  1. Booger is an awesome name for a dog. How many excuses does one get to feign Tourette’s and shout obscenities at random?

    Before we were married, Ben always maintained if we got a dog he would name him Stains so he could yell “Come Stains!” all over the neighborhood.

    Yeah, I guess we’re all like that.

  2. @Gretchen: We all should go on the road together. I’m such a straight man for you! You really need to think about a book. You’re posts and the comments you have left here! will advise you.

    @Queen of Shake Shake: I bet you have French Nails just to dig deeper don’t you!

  3. Yeah, but see, in person I’m really shy and don’t say much, except when I do, which really isn’t often. I’ve always been much more entertaining on the page than face to face.

  4. @Gretchen: the funniest writers are shy. Erma Bombeck. Dave Barry. Exactly why you should think about it. Dedicate it to me. I have a “star” goal I have to meet during 2008.

  5. So I wonder if the new Booger will still have to be house trained? Will he come bounding in like he was sayin’ “Man! Now that was a hell of a long nap but boy am I ready to go! Where’s my Milk Bone Bernie baby?”