Friday Five – Where Not to Shop for Valentine’s Day — 14 Comments

  1. @Queen of Shake Shake: I have heard that from more than one wife. Glad you survived Mardi Gras. Tell me, if you went to the French Market, was the Al Queda there selling men’s ties 4 for $20? I need ties, and that’s a good excuse as any.

  2. And how many of those 40 years of valentines did it take until you finally realized this? Oh, and one more to add to your list:

    Don’t ever buy her a new replacement toilet seat. Not even if she’s asked that the old one be replaced. Not even if it’s one of those soft ones.

  3. @Kirk M: excellent point on how long it took to sink in. funny, I don’t recall. I have a feeling she will and might chime in here.
    Early on it was made clear that I should never buy anything useful for any gift giving occasion. LOL your try.

  4. Hey Big Spender….40 years of Valentine’s Days huh? How many times did Nancy shoot arrows your way…minus the hearts? You shameless Casanova….

  5. I would like to add: NEVER, NEVER buy your wife something from a gas station convenience store (unless it’s a winning lottery ticket); or take her there for a meal. Oh yes, when it comes up, where should we eat, my answer now is “anywhere but a gas station”!

  6. Hee. We’re on a road trip and Nancy pulls that “I don’t care” when asked where does she want to eat. So I pulled into the nearest gas station for food.

  7. Actually we were on our way home from Chicago and our daughter’s wedding and it was time to eat breakfast, my favorite meal to eat out! I might add that was 10 years ago – yep, I’m no dummy, only took one time!