Great Idea; Poorly Executed — 12 Comments

  1. Pickup trucks = a Y chromosome thing. Ben irrationally wants a pickup truck. I ask him why, and he says “You know, to HAUL AROUND my STUFF!” I ask him what stuff, and he doesn’t know.

    I would rather have a place to put a cooler and a hibachi than a place to put my ass, personally. Plus, am I imagining things or is that thing built to hold some really WIDE asses?

  2. @Gretchen: I’m all for it. Everybody needs to have a pick up or know somebody that has a pick up. At least he didn’t say to haul ham or his package or his junk.

  3. Oh and with the M&M’s: You can go to their website and order M&M’s with words and sayings printed on them. I haven’t been, but I’ve seen TV ads.

  4. @nessa: What word: Gay? The special order M&M’s are so expensive!!! I got a little plastic box full from somebody, and it was about a handful. Not worth in IMHO. But thanks! Any M&M news is welcome.

  5. Interesting, Nessa! I’d like to send some So Cal yuppies to Jersey (I lived in Middlesex, Central Jersey, as a tweener and teen) and watch them get their asses kicked. Because even allegedly heterosexual guys in these parts are into all those gay little gadgets and gear.

  6. Funny Gretchen; D

    If anyone dared have such a thing in our necked of the suburban bushes they’d end up crying to their mommies. Yuppies here have SUV’s. There’s special names for them, too. /= )

  7. Nessa: My husband and I call SUVs “assholemobiles.” They have Hummer limousines out here, and we always say that’s what is used when a whole bunch of assholes want to go to the same place all at once.

    The local SUVs are always driven by crazed soccer moms hopped up on Starbucks lattes and yacking on their cell phones. Kill ’em all, I say.