Happy Spunky Old Broads Day – COGs and FOOs Later — 25 Comments

  1. @nessa – It’s an age deal. So you have to be content to be a FOO
    @Seniorwriter – Don’t be. I just cruised my blogroll. You are an SOB. Feel better?

  2. Well, thanks sweetie! I think . . . I haven’t yet met a man who dared to call me old to my face, except for my son Matt, who is too young to know better.

  3. @Catch Her In The Wry: Damn bean counters, gotta reduce everything to numbers. But you make a good point, which I have said before, females write far more interesting blog posts than most men. That’s why there are so many in my blogroll. Y’all are good!

  4. Great list. I was amazed to see “As Whine Goes By” on it-I thought she packed it in. How long as she been back? I’d look myself except every time I accessed the site in the past, my browser would later shut down anytime I accessed a site that had the name “Bush” on it. Go figure.