I Gots ToTS — 10 Comments

  1. @anyjazz: I am such an idiot.
    I saw your comment in an email, thought it was spam and deleted it. In the process I saw what you were commenting on. I apologize. If my marking you as spam causes any problems, contact me and we’ll work it out.

  2. @suldog: since you had a great start on your blog today, and I had a great finish, let’s get somebody to write a great middle and we’ll have something.

  3. This happens to Ben and me more often than I care to admit. Usually with us it’s celebrity names; in the past couple of days we’ve both completely blanked on “Peggy Lee” and “Judd Nelson”.

    For a while I thought it was Alzheimer’s, but then I read somewhere that most boomers think they have Alzheimer’s. Turns out it’s just middle age. (Or maybe we just don’t give a shit.) 🙂

  4. Read the link – still think it’s the beginning of Alzheimers! Running an empty laundry detergent bottle through the wash with sheets, sort of confirmed it for me!

  5. Actually Alzheimer’s is a great excuse. I offer it up all the time when someone catches me being stupid.

    I have been known to put objects in the fridge that aren’t foodstuffs. Isn’t that one of the early signs?

  6. @Gretchen: Like a lot of things, it’s funny until you see someone die from it. Nanc’s dad did and it was so sad. At your age, doing that dumb stuff is just dumb! 🙂
    At her age, with her family history, she really does worry (see post above yours.)