Is it my Aroma, My Smegma? My Edema? — 10 Comments

  1. Oh, I just adore the word “smegma”. I use the words “smeg”, “smeggy” and “smeghead” quite frequently. This is a lift from the BBC sci-fi comedy series “Red Dwarf” where those words were commonly used.

    My sons aren’t circumcised, so I guess that means there is lots of smegma in their futures. I’ve tried discussing the matter with them, but all they do is yell EWWWWWWWWW and run from the room.

  2. Darlin, you should know by now that the truth of my life is way stranger than fiction. All completely true. Vis-a-vis the non-circumcision bit, my younger son actually used to wear a t-shirt that said “Intact and Loving It”.

    Since uncircumcised ones look like anteaters, Sam has a stuffed anteater in honor of his equipment, and Ben wears a UC Irvine Anteaters (their mascot) t-shirt.

    One of my rationales for not circumcising is that their scary penises will scare away the girls, ergo less chance of getting someone pregnant. The first time I saw an uncircumcised one (one of my college boyfriends had an intact roommate who wasn’t shy about undressing in front of people), I thought he was disfigured or something.

  3. @Gretchen: Oh my. I really am speechless. Great stuff. If you didn’t add so much to my blog, I would be pissed for that meme you tagged me with. I am so out of it when it comes to pop music.

  4. Are you kidding? It’s such a breath of fresh air to hear from someone who’s not into, like, Beyonce and whoever the hell else people listen to these days. One of my message boards does a daily trivia game, and one day a week it’s song lyrics, and I always suck at it because I don’t know the first thing about current songs.