It Takes One to Know One Jane. — 15 Comments

  1. Actually, Diane Keaton is the one who said “fucking” in an interview with Diane Sawyer.

  2. Yes, I saw the interview. At first I was, like, did she say what I think she said? Then Viera apologized. Hilarious!!

  3. oh my god! no way! the end is nigh! Who cares? I saw it at the gym and laughed. She wasn’t being obscene, she was making the point that she was living in the conservative south. they asked her to do it and she refused because it would cause such a fuss…what’s funny is all these websites have just lost their mind reading so much into what she said. Bring back all that “Hanoi Jane” crap. The funnies is “It takes one to know one”- hi morons, she didn’t CALL anyone a CUNT. So that saying doesn’t apply!!

  4. @Robert: Pretty early in the morning to have to do a double take. You could hurt yourself.

    @Anne: Maybe my headline should have been: You have to Have One to Know One? I’m an old fart, so I really hate to see our language get more coarse. But I’ll accept that societies norms are changing. Would you say that it was a slip of the tongue for morning television?

  5. “Fuck” I don’t mind. A college friend said it best: “Why is it considered mean to say ‘fuck you’? What you’re really saying is ‘Hey, get laid!'”

    The C word is an ugly word, and despite my potty mouth, I don’t use it. It’s the women’s equivalent of the N word. I like “twat” — it sounds cute and friendly. (Although my kids call it a “woo-woo”, which sounds FUN!)

    Don’t get me started on Jane Fonda anyway. Commie bitch.

  6. That person should have been shot during the Vietnam War. Why does anybody care what she says? Even if a man was on Viagra, she couldn’t cause an erection.

  7. @Gretchen: Fuck is inching into our vocabulary more because our best friends use it ALOT and we easily succumb to peer pressure.
    @David: Ah, water over the damn as far as I’m concerned.

  8. @David: it’s kind of telling that for you, apparently, the measure of a woman’s worth is whether or not she can turn you on. what a shallow way to look at half the population.

  9. You don’t have to use it in everyday language to use the word which is the specific object of the Vagina Monologues.

    You wouldn’t be prejudging would you? I thought so.

  10. @Rob: Noooo, she said is so matter of factly and without hesitation when she knew exactly where she was an everybody was watching. Also its not like I have never seen Jane Fonda before. So I judged – no prejudged.

  11. She shouldn’t have said it because it clearly causes people to really get upset. I mean, there aren’t more important things in the world, right? Is there a big difference that it was “morning television”? On the same broadcast Ann Curry went to the Congo and did a story on a woman undergoing surgery because she was raped by so many men that she lost bodily functions. I had to stop eating it was so revolting. Kind of ironic that they were then discussing violence against women and the only thing of note or outrage is that Jane the “commie bitch” (Gretchen)said the C word.

  12. @Anne: Your kind of argument just gets my goat. You know what? I don’t have much interest in what goes on in the Congo.
    I never said this was the most important issue of all time.