M & M’s Declared Safest Food On the Planet. — 17 Comments

  1. My son’s school received some of the tainted beef from that famed slaughterhouse in Chino that’s been in the news, and they stopped serving beef in the cafeteria till further notice. Since then, he’s had an assful of rice and beans (he hates Mexican food) and chicken and turkey this and that. We should have YOU come in and redo the school lunch menu — M&M entrees would appeal to him, big time.

  2. @Storyteller: You’re welcome. BTW: I hate your post today.

    @Gretchen: Typical gummit over-reaction. There was nothing proven wrong with the beef, caution OK, but can’t school buy beef from someplace else?
    Sam should submit his ideas for alternate menu. It would show his care and resourcefulness. Plus, I’d love to know what a kid loves to eat these days.

  3. Sam likes above all else (1) sashimi, especially octopus and (2) tortellini with vodka sauce. Oh, and pancakes.

    On school overreaction, two word: Lawsuit paranoia. I used to work for a law firm that defended school districts, including Sam’s. People will sue a school over a skinned knee these days.

  4. Rich? Not by a long shot. Sashimi is as common as dirt in So Cal, and the tortellini comes from Buitoni, the vodka sauce from a jar. Today I bought a huge load of frozen corn dogs. I think “rich” and “corn dogs” are mutually exclusive.

  5. @Joy: Nancy told me it was old news. But nobody told me, so I’m glad you didn’t know either. I told her to share this kind of important info with me immediately.

    @mostprepossing: I think you’re new here, so I will fill you in. The only true M&M is regular candy coated chocolate. All the others are faux. They may be made by Mars, but that doesn’t make any difference.
    Don’t make this mistake again – hear?

  6. Hey! Heard from Hope…had to pop in and check it out! Mmmmmmm….M-M’s…gimme some!

    Oh, gotta git me one o’ them Tail Gator doomafickies for my pickemup twuck! That’s just spiffy!

    Blogging? Hopefully soon…soon as I’m caught up with crunchin’ and squishin’ numbers into neat lil packages for the tax folks.

    Missin’ all y’all much! Sixty, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new look here!!!

  7. @Angela: you’re the second regular blogger and commenter that is involved in taxes! DArn it, but understandable! Thanks for popping in.
    Thanks for the compliment on the new theme. It’s far from done. As a matter of fact, I may start over! Header will stay.