Me. Me. Me. “Here’s My Butt. I Love Underwear. Except When I Go Out, Then I Don’t Wear Any.” — 2 Comments

  1. Yeah, that’s sort of the Department of TMI. I avoid posting intimate revelations on my blog, but don’t mind posting them in comments. Witness the Warren Commission/blowjob remark.

    You know the joke about panties, right? A man runs a lingerie store, and an American girl comes in. “I want seven pairs of panties, you know, one for each day of the week.” Then a French girl comes in wanting six pairs of panties. “Why only six?” the guy asks. “Oh, I don’t wear panties on Saturdays. Ooh la la!”

    Finally a Polish girl comes in and asks for twelve pairs of panties. When the guy asks why twelve, she says “You know. January, February, March, April . . .”