Mississippi In Big Trouble: Call in the Fat-Police — 9 Comments

  1. This is soo funny and ridiculous. I guess they will add a note that you cannot sue for health discrimination either.

    I know ‘normal’ (look a little ‘skinny’) sized people who have high cholesterol and high blood pressure— and I know people are ‘overweight’ and have normal blood pressure and normal cholesterol.

    Here’s the fix: Let’s make everyone wear their printed health stats so we can refuse service to the all “unhealthy” individuals.

    Speaking of ridiculous. What we really need right now is a law that requires individuals who get HUGE compensation packages (and/or humungous bonuses) to spend, at minimum, a quarter of their compensation on local services to their primary U.S. residence NOT capital goods, but local services say – at a smaller business (not to include ‘affiliates’ or partners of a huge business). I’m guessing this would be a true trickle down effect.

    While I’m on my roll:
    Something that has puzzled me for several years, is the fact that oil companies are reporting record profits, while there is economic decline towards recession. If we can give a 10 cent per gallon gasoline price break for 2 days, why not one entire month? I don’t gamble on the stock market but why don’t we negotiate long term pricing for oil in times of economic decline.

    No low income household can “budget” on these price fluctuations we are encountering.

    rhetorical question: Where does the 2.3% “cost of living” increase fit into the fluctuation part? or maybe I should ask “Cost of Living” WHERE? LOL

  2. @Gretchen: Chill. It’s not a Federal law – yet. But there are enough other federal laws similar that if this gets traction somebody will introduce a bill. Which will be killed by the fast food lobby so fast it will make your head spin.

    @Hilga: Whew! Got your motor going too. Thanks for writing.
    Defining “normal” weight for health issues is impossible, of course.
    Compensation – I don’t want gummit interfering with business unless it’s safety related.
    Oil – Supply and demand should run it’s course. If we keep buying gas hogs, we have nobody to blame but ourselves.

  3. I mentioned this to Ben, and he suggests that such restaurants have greased, narrow doorways in order to determine worthiness. If you can slide in, you’re in. If not, not. (Perhaps he’s thinking of his sex life?”)

  4. @Gretchen: OMG, is he into the wine already? LOL, that’s perfect. A Special “Lard Ass” entrance, with Lard Ass Parking – as far away as possible. You guys are a couple of horn dogs.

  5. No. That is Ben sober. Ben drunk is quite another proposition and usually involves obscure points of law and/or foreign movies.

    Also, being a lawyer, he says it’s impossible to phrase such a law and define its terms in a way that won’t open the floodgates of litigation seeking to clarify its terms and/or have it found unconstitutional. (Now you know why so many members of the legal profession are into substance abuse.)

  6. Yes, but Ben is not a plaintiff whore; he is a construction defect defense attorney. His job is settling cases, and although he’s tried a motherlode of suits, we’re all about peace. (I also work for an insurance defense firm.)