Mom in Living Room With Torch; Blogger Inquires About Wall Hanging. — 11 Comments

  1. The guy looks debonair and so very French. Will have to investigate.

    But the contest prize should be a bottle of your mother’s vitamins. Wee-o!

  2. @ Mr. Fab: I’m thinking this was a stage prop. Nobody has a picture that big in their house, right? And look at the other stuff. That would also fit with the blowtorch being there.

  3. THAT’s Bogart? I’m floored, because that guy is so fugly (or, I guess, later became so) that I’d sooner sleep with, I don’t know, Carrot Top than with him.

    You know what they say about why Lauren Bacall had that throaty voice? From giving so much oral to Bogie . . .

  4. @Gretchen: No, she decided it was somebody else. They didn’t have oral sex in the 40’s, it wasn’t discovered until somebody saw a Warren Commissioner’s son getting head.