Rattle Rattle Thunder Clatter Boomer Boomer Boomer: I’m Steampunking My Blog Today. — 18 Comments

  1. My, what a lovely background color you’ve picked. Reminds me of cheap yellow mustard stirred into old pea soup. Nice job on doing the customization yourself though! 😉

  2. @Gretchen: I don’t know why I do this to myself. I’m impulsive when I see something I want it – now! As long as it doesn’t cost anything.
    Thanks, glad you like it.

  3. Looks okay so far. I see you got the sidebar background screwed around to your mustard-in-pea-soup color. Now all you have to do is tackle links and the colors thereof. Should be at the top of your custom made “.css” file and if not, check around the beginning of your “styles.css” file. Should be something like “links active”, “links visited” etc. Just copy that section into your custom style file and go from there.

    Just some info from your happy idiot WordPress guy.

  4. @Kirk M: email coming, I think I’m screwed. Doesn’t seem to be a way to change side bar color.
    And check you monitor settings: the color is Old Gold rgb=#CFB53B

  5. Wow, the new decor — it’s so… je ne sais quoi.

    The sides are a lovely puree de marrons (chestnut puree) and the main background an elegant caca d’oie. (Don’t worry, it sounds ok as long as you say it in French!)

    But no matter what, wordpress is better than bloggrrrrrr!

  6. @ Polly: whadevah. Still struggling – had to call in reinforcements: Kirk. caca d’oie is that baby shit green? it’s supposed to be khaki.

    Yeah, if I can get in and redesign this far and not blow up everything WP is pretty idiot proof.

    What bottle have you saved that you will open tonight?

  7. Whoa…..what a surprise! I thought I was at the wrong joint. But, I like it. Interesting colors…..kind of cool actually. I’m going with Khaki too instead of baby-poop-green. It’s different…I like it Mark. Nice design work. I especially like your banner.

  8. @Joy: Thanks, Kirk is helping me change the blue to something darker. And I would like to have the right hand column be a different color too. And the white comment box and, and, and…
    Pleased you like the banner too.

  9. I am just jealous because I had to pay Sean, the boyfriend of Holly from Nothing But Bonfires, to design my website. Yeah, because I’m stupid like that.

    I get dreadfully small text in the comment box when I’m typing, but that’s probably some stupid fucking iMac issue; our power went out yesterday and my computer became possessed by Satan and changed all my settings, as well as throwing away all my cookies.

  10. @Gretchen: Thanks, I appreciate the feedback. Im still dinking around so give me thru tomorrow and you see if its your iMac. Because if my
    #1 commenter has a problem, I want to know.

  11. Caca d’oie is gooseshit green, but an authentic French color. Mebbe that’s where the word khaki comes from.

    Umm, I was supposed to have SAVED a bottle of wine?

  12. @Polly: you still think it’s goose shit green? oops.
    Wine: Exactly! “real” wine drinkers buy wine and drink it. I guess there are those that buy wine to keep and eat with different foods, but that’s nothing special.