Take My Bets and You’ll Make Yourself an Easy Dime — 6 Comments

  1. Damn! If there had been a leopard print phone I would have had it; mine is red! Hot, hot red!

    I made sure it’s the small one so a man’s big fingers can’t operate the keys! I’m getting smart in my old age!!!

  2. This will be interesting to see what happens. She will either love it and be texting all the time or she will hate it and never use it! She’ll have to learn a foreign language too..text talk!!!!!

  3. It’s good to know you are out there…how’d you like that sperm count piece??? I couldn’t help my self…I found those pics with the phone and they were too funny…sometimes I crack my own self up

    See you in the funny papers…
    ~The baby Boomer Queen~