Tomorrow is Open That Bottle Night — 5 Comments

  1. I do have a bottle we’ve saved since our honeymoon. I could open it tomorrow night except we’re going to a party where I could drink other people’s booze. Hmmmmmm.

    But really, what are we saving it for? Gesh. We could be dead tomorrow!

  2. Actually my shrink says booze intensifies depression, and do you know, I admit I feel better teetotalling. Isn’t that a pisser? No pot, no booze, just high on life. Yippee!

  3. @Queen of Shake Shake: Exactly: take the bottle to the party and share it with friends and recall every single instance of your honeymoon. I’m sure they will be fascinated.
    @Gretchen: Whoa, little too happy there, kiddo. You gonna turn into one of those Mommy Bloggers! hee. Altho’ I could use a Boolie picture fix…