U2 3D – It’s U2; It’s 3D; It’s a Movie. — 9 Comments

  1. Remember way back in the day when you camped out to get tickets, and the first person in line got the first seat? None of that drawing a number lottery crap. I spent 3 nights in November around the Thanksgiving holiday outside our university arena with hundreds of other people because there was a chance that something was going to happen with some dates and U2 were going to play. My roommate and I were numbers 7 and 8 in line…. front row, Joshua Tree tour…nothing else will ever live up to that experience.

  2. @Stepford Mom: dangerous as hell, but something you’ll never forget. Can’t say I don’t endorse the elimination of festival seats, but even with that gone – the crowd brings a lot to the experience.

  3. U2, hmmm. Ben says they are the last rock ‘n’ roll band left standing, but I don’t know. Bono is a little too “I’m a rock star, therefore I’m entitled to inflict my opinion upon you whether you like it or not” for me.

    That said, my cell phone has a custom ringtone for when Ben is calling, which is “It’s A Beautiful Day”. Because when Ben calls, it is, it is. 🙂

  4. @3d aircraft modelling I love imax 2 since we have one in london near our house me and the family have been going there regulary and u2 concerts on those screens are really nice 2 see