Violent Acres Dump: Bastard Children Redefined — 8 Comments

  1. I’m confused by the bastard child posts. I have differing viewpoints, which I won’t go into because frankly they don’t matter here. Despite my disagreement, I do think her opinion is logical and sound. My confusion lies in her lack of solution to the problem of bastard children. Birth-control babies do happen, and what is her solution to this if the two partners aren’t sure about the commitment involved? Does she endorse abortion, adoption, or no-sex-’till-marriage? Maybe all three…clarification on that matter would’ve helped more than the clarification on the “sanctity” of marriage.

  2. I also agree with her. Ben and I actually wouldn’t have gotten married if we hadn’t intended to have children, and we consciously selected each other as the person with whom we wanted to raise children. It was a huge, huge deal for us and we fully realized our responsibilities in making the commitment to raise children together.

    I think part of the blame for people having babies as casually as they might take a crap lies with Hollywood, where a baby is considered the latest hot fashion accessory just as Chihuahuas were a couple of years ago. You think Britney stopped and thought before getting pregnant? How about Nicole Richie? I don’t think so.

  3. has been pretty much established as the place to post comments on posts by ViolentAcres’ author.

    This is just traffic whoring, imo.

  4. @goinglikesixty – I am totally reading your site for all comments on all blogs on the internet now. ViolentAcresTalk is a handbag shop!

  5. I think VA is fucking awesome. She states exactly what we all think but never really have the nuts to say. Now that does not mean I always agree with her. But she always gives me a laugh

  6. I am an anorexic, and her post on how anorexics are just doing it for attention really flipped me off!!!!! Ya, I want attention so fucking badly that im gonna starve myself, have recurrent emotional breakdowns, and almost die of a heart attack at fourteen because im LONELY!!!!!

    Fuck you VA!!! Am i middle class? yep. Is my life perfect?? HELL NO!!! Being traumatized by your alcoholic father from when you were a toddler to present day isnt a fucking walk in the park!!

    You shitheads wanna know something??? Everyone i was in treatment with DIDNT WANT ATTENTION!!! THEY WANTED TO BE LEFT ALONE!!!!

    We dont want fucking pity!!! We dont eat because we feel like we dont deserve it!! We want to die a slow death because we feel worthless and like the world would be better off without us!!!


    What if your child had an eating disorder and almost died?? Would you roll your eyes and tell them to stop acting like a drama queen??

    Think about it dipshits! We dont starve because we enjoy it! We do it to disappeear and die! We could care less if you guys noticed or not!!